Our Mission: To provide key employer services and information in support of talent and workforce development.

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Our primary goal at Employers Association of West Michigan (EA) is to provide organizations with the information and training they require and the direct help they request. Whether it is a one-time situation or time-consuming day-to-day concerns; employers need up-to-date, comprehensive, information. This effectively helps manage human talent so employers can stay abreast of pertinent business issues. Our team at EA provides “Hotline assistance,” newsletters and alerts, sample policies and programs, survey data, training and development, employee testing, selection and development services, professional group forums and the on-going assistance of our professional staff. This is turn, equips our members with the power of professional association opportunities.

The Answers are Right Here

What personnel or compliance matters you are faced with? Our team of experienced specialists is prepared with the knowledge and proficiency to guide you. At the Employers Association of West Michigan, we are committed to offering exceptional help to businesses of all sizes. All in all, we provide informed advice, tailored training programs, and other useful materials that meet employers’ individual needs.

In Summary, we ensure that you are following best practices when developing policies and procedures. Our goal is to help you take your business to the next level and achieve your goals. Feel confident that you are making the right decisions for your company with the Employers Association by your side. Connect with us and we will help you jumpstart your hiring practice.