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Whether it is a one-time situation or time-consuming day-to-day concerns; employers need up-to-date, comprehensive, information to effectively manage their human talent and stay abreast of pertinent business issues. To help members keep pace with the changing complexities and implement best practices, the EA vision is to fulfill our tagline THE ANSWERS ARE RIGHT HERE. Members trust us to assist with situations by providing compliance resources, data, best practices and/or best providers to ensure an effective and efficient resolution. Our role is to decipher and vet information so that we can help you apply it to the situation that best fits your goals and culture.

Exclusively for members only- the Dashboard offers several tools at your fingertips

Customization Your Dashboard – Once logged in you will have access to your own personal dashboard, a totally customizable portal to our website. You can easily “pin” widgets that you use the most in order to make your dashboard work best for you.

Survey data available 24/7 – Survey data is available to member-only and can be accessed 24/7.

Resources – Sample policies, links to specific regulations and posters are all linked in an easy to use directory.

Newsletter – Archived Newsletter are linked for members-only.

News and Events Feeds – Pulling the latest information, trends and training for members.

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