Surveys and Compensation Consulting

Over 400 wage and salary classifications; data on 100's of policy and benefit issues from health insurance to vacation, retirement and more. As well as specialized and mini-surveys. All data is available to members at no additional charges.

Regional Data

EA conducts a wide variety of annual surveys covering cash compensation for over 300 job classifications; plus policies, practices and employee benefits—for all levels of employees. These surveys are an invaluable resource in developing and reviewing a company’s “total compensation” package. What are other organizations paying? Is your benefit package competitive? EA’s surveys help employers monitor the market and make sound management decisions.  Our survey information is arranged in easy-to-read formats. To increase the value of the compensation data, EA’s special reports can be provided to isolate various cuts—such as; industry types, employment size, etc.

National Data

In this day of high tech, internet, and hit or miss service organizations there exists a group of associations that have been conducting and maintaining some of the most comprehensive wage, salary, and benefit surveys in the country – an invaluable resource for recruiting and retention.

2023 National Wage & Salary Report –Order Form

National Wage & Salary Report
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Summer Work & Internship January February
Policies & Benefits February March
Wage & Salary Report August October
Summer Shutdowns, Summer Hours &
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Pay Trends July August
Winter Shutdowns September November
Auto Mileage September November
Annual Holiday Observances September November


Compensation Strategy Development: We help you create a robust compensation strategy that aligns with your business goals, market trends, and industry best practices. By leveraging our deep expertise, we design strategies that attract top talent, foster employee engagement, and drive overall performance.

Job Analysis and Evaluation: Our compensation experts conduct comprehensive job analyses and evaluations to establish clear job descriptions, evaluate roles, and determine fair and competitive pay structures. We utilize industry-leading methodologies to ensure accurate job matching and data-driven decision-making.

Market Pricing and Benchmarking: Understanding market trends and competition is essential for staying competitive. We can conduct thorough market analyses and benchmarking analysis to help you determine appropriate compensation levels for each role, ensuring you remain competitive within your industry.

Incentive Plan Design: Our consultants can customize incentive plans that motivate employees to achieve peak performance while aligning with your organization’s strategic objectives. We can develop performance-based reward systems that drive productivity, increase employee satisfaction, and enhance overall organizational performance.

Executive Compensation Consulting: For senior leadership roles, we provide specialized executive compensation consulting services. Our team assists in developing comprehensive executive compensation packages that attract and retain top-tier executives, ensuring alignment with long-term business goals.