Hotline Services

Just a phone call or an email will connect you to the right information quickly. THE ANSWERES ARE RIGHT HERE

Member participation is very high and they utilize the “hotline” daily.  We are your partner right here where you run your business and where your employees live.  Members trust us to assist with situations by providing compliance resources, best practices and/or best providers to ensure an effective and efficient resolution.  What this means is that you and your team make one call or send one email and you are connected to information and/or resources to address the issue timely.

Our vision is to fulfill our tagline THE ANSWERS ARE RIGHT HERE.  This may mean providing the service, connecting you to other members or leveraging membership to provide cost-saving benefits to you.  Our role is to decipher and vet information so that we can help you apply it to the situation that best fits your goals and culture.  We are members of organizations such as MMA, SHRM and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and many others that we incorporate in the diverse information we share.

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