Employee Opinions Surveys

"We process our annual EOS through EA and have always received great information and were able to add sections meaningful to us. We will continue to use EA for future because they make the process easy, confidential, and beneficial to all." Ellen Davis, Gerber Federal Credit Union

A valid assessment of employee opinions demonstrates the importance management places on what employees are feeling about their workplace environment and relationships. When the survey is introduced and administered appropriately and the resulting information communicated effectively, an Employee Opinion Survey will provide the opportunity for employees to express their opinions honestly and anonymously to the company. “Third party administration” of a proven, nationally standardized questionnaire provides the confidentiality that relieves any real or perceived pressure employees may feel exists with superiors or peers.

The Survey Process

Preparation– discuss organization’s objectives, appropriate survey questions and administrative procedures and scheduling.

Distribution– The Questionnaire is distributed and collected at the organization’s facility by the Employers Association of West Michigan’s staff under strict confidentiality. Instructions and the questions are provided in foreign languages, when needed.

Tabulation– data is analyzed and drilled down based on company specified sorts and also compared with national normative data.

Reporting– Senior management is presented with a written report, recommendations on how to follow-up on findings are given as well as guidance on how to report results to employees.

Key Areas of Evaluation:

  • Executive Leadership Effectiveness
  • Supervisory Management Effectiveness
  • Communication
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Organizational Practices
  • Organizational Efficiency
  • Working Conditions
  • Employee Development & Recognition
  • Work/Life Balance