Beyond EAP Services

"Fortunately the model that CUP-Health offers is anything but passive. Besides their utilization percentages nearing 9% rather than the national (and regional) averages of 3%; the services and resources are deployed onsite to be preventative in early stages. " Lisa Sabourin, president



So much of our employees’ productivity can be related to their life, in and outside the workplace. Employee Assistance Programs are extremely important for both you as an employer, and your employee; to achieve longevity, get to the bottom of employee issues, increase retention, and so much more! Move BEYOND the common EAP and get to know our preferred provider: CUP-HEALTH.

As a member of the Employers Association of West Michigan, CUP Health is here to listen and respond to your needs as an employee or employer. CUP Health is not your typical Employee Assistance Program. With a hands on approach, from a local provider, you are sure to see results.  Offering ON SITE services, counseling, and intervention CUP-Health is at the top of their game with accessibility. As a member, not only are you receiving great service you’re also receiving great value with your EA member discount.



“ADAC Automotive has been working with CUP-Health since October 2015.  In that short time, we have seen an increase in our Employee Assistance Plan utilization from a total of 4 in both 2014 and 2015 combined, to over 75 thus far through 2016.  CUP Health is on-site 2 days per week with ADAC and does not simply sit in the office and wait for associates to come to them.  They are walking and working the manufacturing floor, marketing the services to the associates directly at their work stations and are educating and informing these associates about the social, legal, financial, and traditional employee assistance plans which are available and applicable to their individual needs.

As a result of their interactions, they are building trust with the associates, the management team and the executive team.  Quarterly updates help us to understand the utilization of these services,  and their understanding of human behavior and needs, coupled with their knowledge of our business has helped us to introduce programs to the associates which will benefit them the most.  As a result, we are not throwing wasted monies at several problems, but instead are using data and information to put into place programs which will have the most impact on our entire ADAC team.

CUP Health is a true business partner who brings ideas and solutions to the table.” – Terry Leberfinger, Vice President of Human Resources, ADAC Automotive 

CUP-Health is dedicated to helping employers (you) in West Michigan reach their potential by providing excellence in mental health service and support to your greatest asset, your employees.

CUP-Health’s counselors are experienced at directing counseling sessions that help employees be more productive, focused, and satisfied in their work. This helps companies (you) experience greater profit margins by saving them time, money and other valuable resources.

CUP-Health is employer sponsored and designed to provide excellent mental, emotional, and relational support to employees in being happier and more satisfied in their personal and professional lives. This, in turn, leads to employees who are more productive at work.

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