Background Verification

We are pleased to partner with a sister Association that has a dedicated, expert staff conducting 1,000s of background checks each year. Services are menu-based to meet your needs and discounted for members.

The Association is pleased to offer background verification services for our members. Through careful research we have chosen to offer services in partnership with a sister Association, AAIM. AAIMEA is a human resource association comprised of over 1,600 employers and very similar in operation to Employers Resource Association. Because their people are HR professionals, they know how and why to conduct pre-employment checks. Since nearly 30 percent of the reference checks they conduct disclose discrepancies and with workplace violence on the increase, there is a growing necessity for reference checks.

Background Verifications Available:

  • Identity Development
    • Social Security Trace
    • Employment Credit Report
  • Investigative
    • County Criminal Record Search
    • State Criminal Record Search
    • Federal Criminal Record Search
    • National Criminal Supplemental Database Search
    • Expanded National Criminal Supplemental Database Search
    • County Civil Record Search
    • Federal Civil Record Search
  • Credentials
    • Education Verifications
    • E-Verify & I-9 Audit
    • Drivers Record Search
    • Professional License Search
  • Verifications
    • Employment Verification
    • Personal or Professional Reference Interview

Getting Started

  1. Contact us at 314-754-0224 or  [email protected] to discuss which checks will best benefit your organization.
  2. We will email a Client Service Agreement and an Applicant Authorization Form.
  3. Complete the Client Service Agreement and send it in.
  4. You will receive an email with information to log in to our on-line request platform. A web demo is also available.
  5. At that point you are ready to start submitting requests.

AAIMEA will provide you with prompt, reliable and cost effective information. You will be invoiced by AAIMEA at the end of the month for services requested and rendered. There are no set-up, annual or minimum usage fees. EA Members are eligible for AAIMEA’s member rates (20% below non-member rates). Click here for a brochure with more information