Membership Introduction

Our Mission: To provide key employer services and information in support of talent and workforce development.

Welcome to EA

Each member of the Employers Association of West Michigan has access to many great benefits, one of which is a customizable dashboard.

Your Dashboard is your very own unique member portal to our website. It is made up of widgets that serve as quick links to helpful information that is most relevant to you and your business.

Among these widgets are Upcoming Events, Recent News, an area to create your own notes or reminders, and all of the services and member benefits that EA offers.


New Members: Introduction to Your Dashboard

View the video below to see a live demonstration of a membership dashboard.

To use your dashboard, login to your account by clicking the “Member Login” button at the top right of every page, or by going to

If this is your first time logging in, you will first need to update your account information. Once your account is updated, the next time you log in you will be automatically re-directed to Your Dashboard. Please note for future reference, if you need to change your password or update your information you can always visit your profile by clicking on “My Account” on the right hand navigation, or by visiting

Using the dashboard, you have quick and easy access to information that EA provides. For example, you will have quick access to the latest News EA offers, Upcoming Events, Survey Information, Hotline Services, and many more resources.

You also have a “My Notes” section where you can add or edit text, links, or notes that you want to reference later.

When you leave the “My Dashboard” page, you can easily return by clicking on the “My Dashboard” button located on the top right of every page.


How to Customize Your Dashboard

As a member, you can customize your dashboard and re-arrange EA’s resources; thus making the EA website more efficient and to-the-point for your specific needs.

To edit Your Dashboard, click the “Customize Dashboard” link on the right hand sidebar, or by visiting One there, you can rearrange a widget, by simply dragging and dropping to the desired position.

To remove a widget, click the red (x) button on the upper right corner.

To add a widget back, locate it in the “Unused Widgets” section at the bottom of the page and click the green (+) button in the upper right corner.

Your Dashboard is automatically saved as soon as you make a change.


Other Membership Benefits

As a member of EA, you will not only have access to your own customizable dashboard, but members will also receive on-going assistance from our professional staff, along with a great number of additional benefits.

Additional membership benefits include:

  • Hotline Access: Every business-day members have access to resources, samples, assistance with compliance issues and best practices for HR, Safety/Environmental, Benefits and Wellness.
  • Monthly News: Interactive email newsletters and alerts to keep members up-to-date.
  • Benchmark Data: Over 300 wage classifications (locally and nationally); Health care and benefits costs and policies and practices.
  • Roundtable Peer Discussions: For over 26 years, EA has facilitated the most dynamic, inclusive and largest discussion groups in West Michigan; including HR, Safety, Benefits, Training, Diversity, Wellness, Supervisory and Environmental/Energy.
  • Practical Training Solutions: Over 75 programs annually for HR, Safety, Leadership, Sales/Marketing/Service, Communication, Soft Skills; including in-seat interactive training, as well as, online and webinar formats available.
  • Regionally Focused with National Expertise: EA’s is affiliated with the National Employers Associations of America to provide best-in-class resources and solutions to companies with operations in multiple locations.

And many other trusted resources at substantial savings through leveraged group pricing such as: HR, Safety Benefits and Wellness consultation, Background Verification, Pre-employment Assessments, Skill and Aptitude Assessments, Employee Opinion and Engagement Surveys, and Coaching and Development Resources.


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